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In reviewing the various insurance options with our clients, the one insurance coverage that our PJO Insurance brokers bring up that clients seem to have difficulty in acknowledging and understanding why this coverage would benefit their company in Clark County, NV is Pollution Liability Insurance. Many contracting businesses these days, especially if you are doing business as a Roofing Contractor, Painting Contractor, HVAC Contractor, Paving Contractor, Drilling Contractor, or Renovation Contractor, to name just a few, have various pollution risks from operations at their job sites. In general, Contractors, regardless of what particular trade they are involved in, face many potential risks such as an accidental release of fuel oil, toxic gases, or chemicals as a result of broken pipelines or utilities, contaminated soil disposal, and stationary or mobile fuel tanks.

In securing a NV Pollution Liability Insurance Policy, this type of insurance could provide coverage for a range of pollution risks that come with your company’s construction projects. One major reason that Pollution Liability Insurance Coverage even exists today is that in most standard business liability policies that are issued now contain a provision in the policy that will exclude coverage due to damage caused by pollution. When dealing with the construction industry, one thing that is absolute is that there are a vast amount of potential pollution exposures that may cause your company financial pain. Without your company having the proper insurance coverage for these particular types of liability claims, the potential damage could be devastating to your company’s finances in the event a claim or lawsuit were to be filed against it. Please note that in addition to contractors, there are other companies that would greatly benefit from acquiring a Nevada Pollution Liability Insurance Policy.

Environmental Liability Insurance Coverage with PJO in NevadaHere is a small sampling of companies who should be thinking about making this type of coverage a part of their insurance plan: Any company having anything to do with Agribusiness, Manufacturing and Processing Plants, Healthcare Facilities, especially Hospitals, Underground Contractors, and, if your company has underground or above ground storage tanks.

In all likelihood, your company’s current general liability policy contains no coverage for environmental hazards and pollution, but there are insurance carriers who provide environmental liability insurance coverage that could be tailored to your specific business and its potential risks. Such policies can be tailored to provide insurance coverage for transporter insurance, and storage tank pollution liability, and pollution liability and environmental professional liability. An Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance Policy may be used as a tool to assure lenders that were supporting the development or purchase of the property or to a potential new owner of your business, that these unknown conditions will be covered. In acquiring the proper Clark County Pollution Liability Insurance Policy, your business will be protected against environmental claims such as cleanup costs, pollution abatement, and claims of property damage or bodily injury. Clearly, Pollution and Environmental Liability Insurance Coverage isn’t just for oil companies and nuclear plants anymore.

By having a Las Vegas, NV Pollution Liability Insurance Policy, you can protect your business in two important ways:

1. First-party Liability Coverage can provide your company with the necessary funds if your company were to have a spill or a contamination that would require extensive cleanup. This action could be necessary if any chemical used in your company leaks into the ground on your property. Your first-party environmental liability policy would pay for the cleanup effort on your property.

2. Third-party Liability Coverage protects your business from allegations that a release of a pollutant from your company’s facility severely affected others around it. If this type of pollution affects others by contaminating the ground, or air supply, or water supply, then third-party liability coverage would protect your company. Here is one example: a refrigeration unit at your packing processing plant has an ammonia leak, which, in turn, contaminates the air, and as a result of these actions, the residents from the surrounding communities are forced to evacuate. A Las Vegas Pollution Liability policy could pay for resulting costs and possible damages arising from claims or lawsuits brought against it. Third-party pollution insurance coverage could also protect you if your company’s product causes pollution while it’s being transported by a third party, such as a semi or by a railroad car.

There is a very wide range of companies that could benefit from Las Vegas/Clark County, NV Pollution and Environmental Liability Insurance Policy including those doing business as agribusinesses, commercial property owners, property developers, golf courses, and amusement parks.

Environmental Impairment Las Vegas CoverageEnclosed is a partial list of other industries that could benefit from a Las Vegas/Clark County, NV Pollution Liability Insurance Policy:

  • General and Underground Contractors
  • Manufacturing and Processing Companies
  • Healthcare Entities (particularly hospitals)
  • Recycling and Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Remediation Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Golf and Country Clubs
  • Businesses with Underground or Above-ground Storage Tanks

If your company would like to further explore about NV Pollution Liability Insurance, and how acquiring this type of insurance coverage could be helpful to your company, PJO Insurance Brokerage would welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you and help you develop a plan that fits your company’s particular needs.


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