Understanding Arizona Contractor and Roofers Insurance

Protect Your Business with Proper Contractor’s Insurance

The right business insurance for your business is an important part of protecting your employees and your assets. An Arizona business insurance brokerage firm can match your business insurance requirements to the right carrier so you have the proper coverage for your needs.

Arizona Contractor Insurance

Contractors who take on large or small construction projects should have the proper Phoenix contractor’s insurance that protects their employees and their business. Insurance policies can cover professional contractors who are at risk for claims of property damages, bodily injury, and other types of claims.

There are many different types of professional contractors’ services that can benefit from having contractors insurance. Professional contractors who do roofing, framing, masonry work, electricians, plumbers, construction, etc. should have contractor’s insurance. Consumers who need contractors for any type of work will be more likely to hire a contractor who carries the proper insurance for their company.

An Arizona insurance brokerage agency can help you determine which insurance policy is best for your company to protect you from claims.

Arizona Roofers Insurance Protection

Roofing companies have special needs for insurance because they are considered a high risk trade business. Large commercial projects may even require umbrella policies. Without the right Arizona roofers insurance, you could find yourself paying for injuries and losses out of your own pocket. Roofers’ general liability insurance will help to protect you from losses. Roofers should also carry workers’ compensation to protect their employees.

Phoenix Arizona liability insurance coverage can protect your business against claims of property damage or bodily injury that may occur during the performance of your work. Your carrier will investigate and provide legal defense for claims submitted. Your roofers insurance will help with those costs and give you peace of mind that your business is protected. Your business can also carry an umbrella insurance policy that will give you additional coverage.

There are customized plans to fit any size business from several carriers. Your Arizona insurance brokerage firm will work with you to design an insurance plan to meet your insurance needs at competitive prices.

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