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Many small businesses throughout Las Vegas entrust daily activities to their employees. Unfortunately, not everyone operates with integrity, and sometimes business owners get taken advantage of by dishonest employees. Having a Las Vegas fidelity insurance policy is the best way to protect your company from loss of inventory, finances, or securities, before the unthinkable happens. At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we can help you find the fidelity insurance for your needs.

What Is Fidelity & Crime Insurance

And Why Does My Company Or Commercial Business Needs It

Protect Your Company With Las Vegas Fidelity Bond & Crime Insurance Today

With the advancements of technology, it is increasingly easy for employees to steal from their employers without ever getting caught, whether that be through computer fraud, extortion, embezzlement, or forgery. With Las Vegas fidelity bond & crime insurance from PJO Brokerage, you will be able to protect your business from losses and fight back against the crime without skipping a beat.

Advantages Of PJO’s Fidelity Insurance Against Employee Crimes In Las Vegas

A Fidelity Bond Insurance Protects Your Business From

It is wise for business owners to be aware of the many criminal acts commonly committed by employees and third parties. No matter how preposterous any scenario you can imagine, it is better to be prepared with Las Vegas fidelity insurance than to be sorry later. From blatant theft of securities, property, and money, to embezzlement, fake employees, false accounts payable, and forgery, a fidelity insurance policy from PJO Insurance Brokerage is an excellent investment for any business owner.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Larceny & Theft By Employee
Larceny & Theft By Employee

Fidelity insurance protects against physical theft of property along with all variations of stealing property or finances from the employer.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Property Damage
Property Damage

Utilize fidelity insurance to protect yourself against financial loss from intentional property damage by an employee.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Computer Fraud & Extortion
Computer Fraud & Extortion

A Las Vegas crime policy protects against computer fraud including identity theft, credit card fraud, fraudulent transfers, and more.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Embezzlement

Embezzlement occurs when money is stolen by an employee or business partner. Protect yourself with an insurance policy!

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Forgery or Alteration
Forgery or Alteration

PJO Insurance Brokerage help provide protection against losses due to dishonesty in writing, signing or altering checks and bank drafts.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Misappropriation

When an employee steals a company’s assets for their personal use, a fraud policy protects against your financial losses.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Willful Misapplication
Willful Misapplication

We provide policies to protect against any employee’s intent to defraud or convert business assets for their personal gain.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Employee Dishonesty
Employee Dishonesty

Invest in a Las Vegas insurance policy to protect your business from financial losses due to dishonest employee acts.

Fidelity Insurance Protects Your Business From Wire Transfer Fraud
Wire Transfer Fraud

Wire fraud occurs when funds are wrongfully sent to an account. A crime insurance policy protects you in these situations!

Why Choose PJO’s Fidelity Crime & Employee Dishonesty Coverage?

5-Star Rated Reviews From Our Customers

Pats the best, hands down, if you need business insurance of any kind you gotta talk to him, crazy how different it is talking with someone who actually specializes in insuring businesses, instead of just a general insurance agent it really helps.

Michael D. ★★★★★

PJO was terrific, Patrick was great, know his stuff, helped get a policy for my business, and really explained the different types of insurances, so I understood what I might need besides just a basic general liability, which does very little for my particular company.

Alex W. ★★★★★

I came here not sure that I could get the best advice for my insurance plan, PJO were dedicated and advised me what were the available insurance options and plans that I could do with for my business. I truly feel PJO value their clients and I will continue using them.

Faith D. ★★★★★

Purchase A Fidelity Insurance Bond Against Employee Crime & Dishonesty

Who Should Have A Fidelity & Crime Insurance Policy

Blanket Bond Coverage

Generally speaking, a blanket bond is a specific type of insurance coverage carried by financial institutions, investment bankers, and brokerages, designed to protect them against losses due to employee dishonesty. This includes forged checks, counterfeit currency, fraudulent trading, and willful property damage. Visit our Las Vegas small business insurance agents for more information!

Schedule Bond Coverage

Schedule bond coverage pertains to a fidelity bond that insures the employer against losses caused by the dishonest acts of their employees. The schedule attached to the bond lists all individual positions, with a specific coverage amount for each employee position. PJO Insurance Brokerage can help you understand the benefits available through schedule bond coverage.






San Bernadino

Find An Exclusive Fidelity Insurance Coverage In Las Vegas

At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we know the time, effort, and sacrifice you have invested into your small business, and how difficult it could be to financially recover from embezzlement, fraud, forgery, or other dishonest acts by an employee or business partner. Many companies fail to purchase adequate crime coverage, as they believe it will never happen to them.

However, any small business not prepared with adequate safeguards will likely experience some dishonesty at one point or another, coupled with surprise, disappointment, and financial distress. Don’t wait, visit PJO Insurance Brokerage today to discover what insurance policies are available to you!

The experienced brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage will spend time with you discussing your business goals, needs, and systems. We will provide you with a variety of opportunities that work with your budget to protect your company from employee dishonesty, theft, forgery, computer fraud, and property damage. The investment and preparation into Las Vegas crime coverage is worth every penny, so visit us today to get started. Our brokers look forward to working with you!

PJO Insurance Brokerage

Founded in 2003, PJO Insurance Brokerage was founded with the intention of catering to our customers’ insurance needs and providing them with unmatched customer service. We aim to give them the appropriate coverage for all of their business insurance needs.

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Nevada business insurance broker, Patrick O’Neill offers top-rated business insurance to help his clients meet the insurance needs and requirements of their business. With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. O’Neill offers a level of expertise that is unmatched by any other.

Founder Of PJO Brokerage Insurance Patrick O’Neill

Frequently Asked Questions About Fidelity Bond & Crime Insurance

When learning about crime coverage and fidelity insurance policies, you may discover that many questions or concerns arise. At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we welcome any and all questions regarding insurance policies. We are dedicated to helping you find the best coverage to protect your business investment, and will provide honest, reliable information so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Don’t wait, give us a call today!

While any business in any industry can benefit from a fidelity insurance policy, crime coverage is mainly geared toward smaller companies who can experience tremendous loss or even go out of business from one simple act of dishonesty. Visit PJO Insurance Brokerage for more information!

While the actual amount varies depending on the size of your business, number of employees, and total amount of assets, the general rule is that the bond must be equal to at least 10% of all total assets in the plan. Typically, this means the minimum bond is $1,000 and the maximum is $500,000.

A fidelity bond can be a worthy investment at any point in time while your business is up and running. Typically, employers consider a fidelity bond when they begin to accumulate materials or property, and realize they need to protect their finances from employee theft.

You have many flexible options available to you when investing in a fidelity bond for your business. The term for a bond can’t be less than one year, but it can be good for multiple years. It is best to discuss your options and needs directly with your insurance broker!

The most common threats addressed by a fidelity bond are losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, and fraud. The specific type of fidelity coverage you need for your business will depend on a variety of factors, so visit our knowledgeable brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage to learn more.

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Our team at PJO Insurance Brokerage is committed to providing thorough, nonest information as you learn more about insurance policies. No matter what type of policy you need or what your budget parameters may be, our brokers are here to help and answer your questions. Browse our blog posts for education, or visit our Las Vegas location to meet our knowledgeable, friendly team.


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