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Professional Liability Insurance For Las Vegas Architects

Professional Liability Insurance for ArchitectsWhether your Las Vegas/Clark County, NV architecture firm operates on a large scale basis with multiple projects worth millions of dollars or one of the many small to medium firms in this area, one thing that can be counted on is that an architect’s work is constantly under review by the firm’s clients. Regardless of how cautious and prudent your architectural firm acts concerning its projects, your work is always being scrutinized by the client and may lead to a lawsuit being filed against your firm on the basis of failure to render professional services or negligence on the part of your firm and its employees.

Here, at PJO Insurance Brokerage in Nevada, our experienced brokers are aware that no matter what the various safeguards your company has in place, the one constant is that a mistake could happen concerning the professional services your company provides, and with the proper insurance program in place, your company will be prepared should a claim be filed against your company. By acquiring a Professional Liability Insurance Policy, your firm will have coverage in the event a claim or lawsuit is brought against it alleging an omission, error, or negligent act in the performance of your firm’s architectural services.

Please be aware that Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance are not the same coverage. A Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy will cover accidents of property damage or bodily injury that may happen at your premises or at your client’s location. As a general rule, in most Commercial General Liability Policies issued these days, there will usually be an exclusion for all types of Professional Liability coverage. Las Vegas/Clark County, NV Professional Liability Insurance policies were designed as specialized coverage and are as diverse as there are kinds of professional practices that are out there conducting business today.

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In determining what the premium will be for Professional Liability Insurance Coverage, the insurance carriers will consider multiple factors such as: what projects the firm is taking on; what the mixture of business is including new residential, tract work, multi-family units, condominiums, apartments, airports, or commercial buildings; history of claims; the company’s need for any specialized additional coverage; and if the company would like to include coverage for prior acts.

If your Las Vegas/Clark County, NV company would like to discuss Professional Liability Insurance Coverage, whether your firm is just starting out or you are looking for options concerning your current coverage, the experienced and professional brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage have the expertise to help you put an insurance plan together for your company’s particular insurance needs.

Professional Liability Insurance For Las Vegas Engineers

NV Professional Liability for EngineersLas Vegas/Clark County, NV Professional Engineers face many challenges these days. A few of those challenges include new developments in design technologies, broadening contractual requirements, and, on many occasions, very unrealistic expectations from the clients themselves. Being an engineering company means your firm will face many potential liabilities that have the potential to place your firm at grave risk due to the fact your firm performed specific services for your clients.

For each project your engineering company will commence work on, your Las Vegas/Clark County, NV firm will play a key role to ensure functionality of the project and with safety as the end result. Being a Professional Engineer, you know that every project that your company will be involved with will carry its own set of risks, and just one accident or mistake on your part could be a cause for potential safety problems, a lengthy delay, or a severe financial loss for your client.

PJO NV Engineer Liability Insurance

Also, each project that your firm is involved with will come with many moving parts; the parts refer to the various companies that will work on the project. As you are well aware, even if your firm has absolutely no fault on a particular project, there still remains a high probability that should a claim or lawsuit be filed regarding the project, your firm will be included in the proceedings, and we all know how expensive legal fees can run, and these things usually drag on for months, and, in some cases, years.

By acquiring a Las Vegas/Clark County, NV Professional Liability Insurance Policy, you will be taking the proper first step in seeing that your company will be protected in the event that a claim or lawsuit is filed against your company. If you would like to discuss your insurance options further, please call or email the professional brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage.

Professional Liability For Las Vegas Construction Managers

The purpose of Construction Manager Professional Liability Insurance is to provide protection for construction managers against allegations that they were professionally negligent, they failed to perform their professional duties, or failed to perform their work as promised in their written contract. Considering what today’s legal fees can add up to, defending yourself in just one lawsuit or claim could cause great financial hardship that could, in turn, force you to close your business.

As anyone who has worked in the construction industry will attest to, mistakes can happen at any time and even the smallest miscue can cause serious damage to your company. No matter how experienced your company’s construction managers are, an error or mistake can happen which could result in a lawsuit or claim being filed against your company. By acquiring a Construction Manager Professional Liability Policy, you are being proactive in providing your NV company insurance protection from a potential lawsuit or claim being filed or awarded against your company.

If you would like to discuss how a Las Vegas/Clark County, NV Construction Manager Professional Liability Insurance Policy can benefit your company, please call the experienced brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage.

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