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Insurance Coverage For Your Establishment

One thing that is true in a very competitive business climate which every company encounters today is that your company will need every advantage to run a successful operation. This is very true when it comes to unique businesses such as Bars, Taverns, and Nightclubs, and along these lines, they also have very specific insurance needs. When it comes to insurance needs, most businesses share some common insurance needs, but if you are an owner of a Bar, Restaurant, or Nightclub, the risks you will have will be very unique. The first insurance coverage that your establishment will require is:

Importance Of General Liability Protection

General Liability: California Commercial General Liability will provide coverage that protects your business from bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury claims made by a customer or someone else.

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Having General Liability coverage alone will not cover every exposure your operation could have, so additional coverages to consider are:

Liquor Liability Coverage: This type of coverage will protect your business in the event of property damage or bodily injury caused by one of your customers who is intoxicated and was served liquor by your establishment.

Property Coverage: One of the biggest expenses you will have when starting out is the cost of the restaurant/bar equipment and the improvements you have made to the building. Having proper Orange County Property Coverage can protect your investment in case of fire or other events.

Additional Coverage For Your OC Company

Additional coverages that your company should look at is Business Interruption Coverage, Food Spoilage, Equipment Breakdown, Signage, Sewer and Drain backup among several coverages that should be considered depending on the type of operation your company has. In addition, your operation may need specialized insurance coverages for such things as a wine collection if your operation has a extensive menu of high priced bottles of wine or liquor. If your place has its own mini-brewery, that is a separate coverage to consider. Another coverage to consider would be crime coverage that covers money and securities inside and outside of your premises.

In operating or owning a restaurant, bar or night club, insurance is a must!  PJO Insurance Brokerage in CA, as an independent agency, can find the right program for your establishment. In today’s restaurant, bar, or night club environment, which is more complex and changing than ever, you will want the peace of mind that you’re covered for unexpected occurrences. Please contact us today to sit down with an experienced and professional broker to discuss all your insurance options.

Restaurants / Bars / Night Clubs Insurance in Orange County, California

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