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PJO Insurance Brokerage California has access to insurance programs specially design for both California large or small contractors. We are currently workers with top tier carriers who have insurance programs for the construction industry such as Lloyd’s of London, Cover X, Maxum Insurance, Western Heritage, Atlantic Casualty, Atlantic Casualty and 20 Mile Insurance Group just to name a few of the many carriers PJO works with. We also have markets for those hard to place contractors, such as roofers, welders, framers and those that do tract work.

Covered OC commercial general liability claims can include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. The insurance company may cover compensatory and general damages as well.

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Professional Liability/Design/Build:

If you are in control of all phases of designing, as well as the building project itself, do you truly understand the risk you may be putting your company in and are you covered for those additional liabilities you are incurring? Let PJO review your current situation and advise to what additional coverages will be a benefit to you California company.

Worksite Protection:

Does your company carry adequate coverage through a Builders Risk Insurance or Installation Floater policy to protect your work-in-progress, as well as the materials on a job site, in the event they are damaged by forces out of your control or stolen?

Contractors, unlike other Orange County businesses, demand a higher degree of insurance beyond the normal policy. Their company’s safety techniques could mean life or death for their workers’, which must remain insured against the possibility for a devastating accident.

PJO Insurance Brokerage can provide many types of insurance programs for contractors, including Orange County, CA bonding insurance plan, which takes care of insurance coverage on a contractor performance bond, or warranty bond.

Also there is workers comp, as with other companies, but contractors frequently work very closely with their carriers to help keep premiums as low as they can, considering that it makes up such a huge portion of their bottom line. While contractors have different costs due to the nature of their business, it isn’t uncommon for tradesmen to be charged as much as 25 cents on the dollar if not more in cases where they have numerous claims. This is why, it is recommended for the business with the insurance coverage to maintain strict safety standards, stringent oversight and constant procedural maintenance to control their costs.

Making Sense of Contractor Insurance

Contractors, whether they are working on remodeling jobs, new custom homes, or commercial work should have in force the right Orange County, CA general liability policy to protect their business. This coverage may cover the risks that most contractors face each day including claims of property damages, bodily injuries, and various other types of claims.

No matter what type of contractor you are, or what type or service you provide, having contractor’s insurance can be a huge benefit to you and your company. Contractors encompass a vast array of professions ranging from General Contractors, Remodeling Contractors, Roofers, Plumbers, Electricians, Framers, Drywall, Masonry & Concrete, and many more, and general liability insurance should be a big part of your business plan. The additional advantage of contractors carrying insurance is that more jobs are likely to come your way since commercial clients, as well as individuals, will be more likely to hire a contractor with proper insurance than a contractor without the proper insurance coverages.

PJO Insurance Brokerage, an Orange County, CA insurance agency has the experience and expertise to help your contracting company find the right coverage for you. Contact us now to set up an appointment to review your needs.

All License Classes Contractors Insurance in Orange County California

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