Some Very Important Notes On California Insurance

Some Very Important Notes on Orange County, California Insurance

Some Very Important Notes On California Insurance
Does a CA start-up business really need insurance? Broker Patrick O’Neill tells about how getting coverage later can become problematic.
Orange County, California

Over the past several years of working with my clients and potential clients, there have been a few “special” situations we have encountered. In the past year, our website has been busy with requests for insurance quotes from California businesses looking for insurance coverage of all kinds. These requests have come from new start-ups to the companies that have been in business for years but have never acquired insurance which, to us, is just unimaginable.

One particular company that had requested insurance from our agency had been in business for well over 6 years, and its primary business was installing equipment that the public would be using. Based on claims experience, it is widely known that anytime the public uses a machine that you sell, manufacture, or install, it could lead to a situation resulting in a claim and/or a lawsuit just waiting to happen. In discussing the potential client’s insurance needs, it was evident from the start that this owner was having a difficult time comprehending a scenario where he would ever need a