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In the process of acquiring business insurance, reviewing all the plans that are available today can be very confusing and daunting. There are a wide range of business insurance polices today that cover different operational aspects of a business, and finding the right coverage that works for your particular business should be your first priority. Almost always, a business will require some type of general business liability insurance and will apply to all businesses, whether they are a small or large corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or a sole proprietorship. Remember, that one significant claim or lawsuit can put your company at risk and may result in you closing down your business.

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In searching for the right insurance coverage for your business, the place to start is Orange County, CA commercial general liability insurance. As we all know, events out of our control do happen and that is why general liability insurance coverage should be your first line of defense. It can protect your business from paying thousands of dollars in the event of a lawsuit against your company due to one of your employee’s negligent actions or an accident resulting in a bodily injury to a person or damage to property on your premises. One example of that type of claim is a customer slipping and falling in your store. Most lawsuits are legitimate, but there can be some suits that are frivolous, and you should have the proper liability coverage in place for your defense.

Another area of insurance coverage that some companies may need is bonding insurance. At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we have access to a vast array of bonding options, depending on what service your company performs. We welcome the opportunity to show you the various bonding programs available.

PJO Insurance Brokerage provides business insurance for the companies and entrepreneurs in Orange County, California. In addition to brokering the needed insurance, the owner, Patrick O’Neill, is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the field of insuring commercial operations.

Call today to ask questions and get answers related to the most pertinent business insurance questions for your business. There are so many situations that commercial insurance can cover, if the policy is written to cover it. Using an insurance broker who can foresee the potential pitfalls that await your corporation is invaluable. Such a broker can attach riders and provisions to policies, and help select the best policy for your general circumstances.

What to Think About When Acquiring Commercial General Liability Insurance

Downtown OC Business DistrictThe decision to purchase business insurance in Orange County, CA can sometimes be a daunting task. In today’s marketplace with so many plans available, it may be difficult to determine which type of coverage will suit your particular business needs. In fact, it may surprise you, but many small and medium size companies fall into what an insurance carrier considers a low risk category. If your company fits this category, it could be eligible for a policy that is known as a BOP, or a Business Owners Policy, which usually comes at a very competitive price and will include important types of commercial general liability insurance and can also include coverage for your owned or leased real or business personal property.

Coverage protecting your business from products or completed operations, bodily injury, property damages, personal and advertising injury, as well as protecting it from other risks of liability, is available by purchasing Orange County, CA Commercial General Liability Insurance. By acquiring this type of coverage, you may protect your business if you are sued for a claim that is covered within the scope of coverage in the policy. Also, by having this coverage, the insurance carrier can provide legal defense to fight the lawsuit or claim. Commercial General Liability is primarily purchased by businesses, while personal lines insurance is mostly purchased by individual homeowners in Orange County, CA.

Commercial general liability insurance is the most basic insurance plan available that all small or medium size businesses should carry to protect their business. In projecting the cost of insurance coverage, many things come into play including what type of business it is and how significant is the risk for that particular type of business. A good example would be a small retail outlet would more than likely come under the low risk category for a carrier where as a commercial roofing company would come with a much higher risk resulting in larger premiums. Also, if you are planning to lease space for your business, the landlord will almost certainly require you to carry general liability insurance and potentially a commercial umbrella insurance policy for Orange County as well.

Every businesses insurance needs are unique, and PJO Insurance Brokerage has the expertise and experience to find the right insurance plan for your business.

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When Is Business Liability Insurance Necessary?

In Orange County, CA, whether you are a new company starting out or a seasoned business owner celebrating 10 years in business, having Business Liability Insurance can, at times, be confusing. Providing liability coverage for your company, no matter if it’s large or small, may help you avoid some costly expenses in the event a claim, damages, or injuries occur.

In most instances, having the proper insurance coverage not only protects your business from possible financial losses but may also bring in more clients who feel secure about doing business with your company because you have taken the right steps and insured it properly.

Every business should have liability insurance to protect their company, individual owners, partners, or OC directors and officers from paying claims from their own accounts or selling off assets in the event you will be required to pay a claim because you chose not to obtain the proper liability insurance coverage. No matter what your profession, business liability insurance is an extremely necessary course of action. There are specially tailored protections for a variety of industries including:

Whether or not you choose to establish and enforce preventative measures to protect your business, accidents do happen, and the prudent course of action is to be prepared by obtaining Business Liability Insurance for your business.

Having a Business Liability Insurance policy allows you, the business owner, to operate with a safety net in the event a client suffers an injury and/or damages and then proceeds to sue your business for being negligent. The insurance policy may even cover legal fees and monetary damages. Before you decide to purchase business liability insurance, you should research and fully understand the three major kinds of liability coverages–General Liability, which may or may not include Product/Completed Operations Liability, and Orange County Professional Liability.

The professionals at PJO Brokerage can help you determine the necessary Business Liability Insurance policy that suits your needs for coverage protection as well as keeping your budget in mind.

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