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Fullerton, CA, home to California State University-Fullerton, St. Jude Medical Center, Raytheon, Alcoa Fastening Systems, and Kraft Foods, which are the most prominent names among the more than thirteen thousand companies that are based in Fullerton, CA. In fact, over the years, there has been a steady growth of residents in Fullerton, CA, and the recent population was estimated to be over one hundred and forty thousand residents. Many of these Fullerton, CA companies are involved in such sectors as the construction field as a General Contractor or as an artisan/sub-contractor, entrepreneur-startup, health care field, the technology field, a product distributor/manufacturer, professional consultant, pharmaceuticals industry, app designer, the communications field, retailing, or one of the many and unique companies that operate in Fullerton, CA.

An industry that seems to have shown incredible growth, year after year, is the Professional Services Sector. This sector encompasses such fields as Technology, Management Consultant, Architect, Website Designer, Accountant/CPA, or one of the many professional service companies that are based in Fullerton, CA.

These Professional Service Companies provide their clients a service for a fee, with expertise in a certain field, advice, or some kind of Professional Service, so it is very important that your company has the proper amount of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage limitsshould a client file a lawsuit or claim against your company alleging an error or a negligent act, or an omission that was performed by your company in their duties concerning a client during which the client suffered harm. At PJO Insurance Brokerage, our brokers, with access to numerous “A” rated insurance carriers, can, in most cases, find a proper Professional Insurance Policy with the limits that will best suit your company’s particular needs.

It seems that each day some new product or invention hits the market. If your Fullerton, CA company is engaged as a Product Distributor, Manufacturer, or as a Manufacturer’s Rep in sectors such as healthcare/medical products, dietary products, industrial products, food products, or one of an endless list of products on the market being sold across the globe daily, one of your company’s best protection would be to acquire Product Liability Insurance Coverage; and if your product is in a higher risk category, you may want to add additional layers of insurance coverage by purchasing an Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy. Again, PJO Insurance Brokerage, in most cases, can help you find the proper product liability insurance coverage for your company’s product line.

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If your Fullerton, CA company is performing construction projects, either as a General Contractor on projects of remodeling or renovation, building new custom homes, performing restoration projects, or involved in tract work, commercial tenant-improvements, or new builds, or if your company is engaged as a sub-contractor/artisan in such trades as an Electrical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Masonry Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Painting Contractor, Drywall Contractor, Carpentry, or one of the many trades there are out there, regardless of whether your company’s projects are residential or commercial, it is in your company’s best interests to engage an insurance agency that has the experience of working with contractors for over ten years and understands what their insurance needs will be, and that’s why so many contractors work with PJO Insurance Brokerage for their insurance needs. Our brokers work with insurance carriers across the country who have years of experience working with insurance coverage for contractors in areas such as General LiabilityWorkers’ Compensation Insurance, Builder’s Risk, Property, Inland Marine, and Pollution Liability, to name just a few of the coverages that are available.

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Fullerton Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If One Of Your Company’s Employees Is Hurt On The Job, Regardless Of Whose Fault It Is

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Fullerton Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Coverage

Provides Protection For Your Board Of Directors

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Fullerton Professional Liability Insurance

Protection Should A Client File A Lawsuit Or Claim Against Your Company

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Fullerton Property/Inland Marine Coverage

Proper Insurance Coverage To Protect Your Business From Potential Losses

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Fullerton Cyber Liability Insurance

If Your Company Collects or Stores Valuable Information

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Fullerton Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy

For Additional Layers Of Insurance Coverage

Orange County Business Liability Coverage in CaliforniaIf your Fullerton, CA company has a Board of Directors, we highly recommend that you protect your Board of Directors by purchasing Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Coverage. This particular type of insurance can provide protection for your Board in the event there is an alleged or actual act, breach of duty leveled against them, or misleading statement given, or omission. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Coverage can be written for nonprofit companies, for-profit companies, and educational institutions.

When it comes to a company’s marketing plans, in almost every case, having a media presence will be a huge part of the company’s marketing plans. A few examples of these would be a Company Facebook Page, a LinkedIn Page, Twitter Feed, Instagram Account, or a Company Blog, among the many media possibilities there are, and your company should be aware of the risks that are associated with these media accounts and what harm they may cause your company. If your Fullerton, CA company is processing debit or credit cards through your company’s website, collects or stores valuable information from clients such as social security numbers, medical records, or addresses, or some other vital information, the first step your company should take is to acquire a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy as a part of your overall insurance program.

Each day, there are new reports of another company’s systems being hacked and valuable information being leaked, and this type of insurance coverage may be the difference of continuing your business or closing your doors for good. When looking over your company’s insurance needs, you will need an agency who will work with you to protect your assets, and we believe that PJO insurance Brokerage is the proper choice to assist you with your needs. We would welcome the opportunity to work with your company in the near future.

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