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Insurance for businesses in California is best handled by the skilled agents at PJO Insurance Brokerage. When it comes to offsetting risk, establishing policies to protect assets, covering executives and limiting liability, look no further than Patrick O’Neill, the owner of PJO Insurance Brokerage. With over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, PJO Insurance Brokerage has a distinct advantage over other brokers.

PJO Insurance Brokerage

Founded in 2003, PJO Insurance Brokerage was founded with the intention of catering to our customers’ insurance needs and providing them with unmatched customer service. We aim to give them the appropriate coverage for all of their business insurance needs.

Patrick o’neill

California business insurance broker, Patrick O’Neill offers top-rated business insurance to help his clients meet the insurance needs and requirements of their business. With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. O’Neill offers a level of expertise that is unmatched by any other.

California Commercial Insurer

Insuring businesses is a skilled business. For professionals, the liability that is generated is many fold. If a CA architect has a project and the build-out becomes complicated or results in injury or structural failure, the architect may be sued. If an E-commerce site fails to operate, the web designer may be liable for lost business. If a medical practitioner commits malpractice, the resulting fallout can leave them exposed to lawsuits and other reprisals. To protect your partnership, corporation or other business, you must have general liability coverage and any other type of coverage your field demands.

Type of Business Insurance
in California

PJO Insurance Brokerage takes great pride in knowing that PJO draws on the best resources the insurance industry has to offer to deliver service and products to our valued Orange County, California clients with superior customer service and the knowledge that our clients are our first priority. PJO Insurance Brokerage carefully reviews each client’s needs to find the proper insurance for their particular business.

Our California business insurance brokers offer a wide range of insurance policies for contractors working throughout the Valley.

With help from PJO Brokerage, we can help you find the coverage you need with a variety of California bonding insurance options.

For roofing companies looking for quality, top-rated, affordable roofers insurance, look no further than PJO Insurance Brokerage.

There are a variety of liability insurance options to choose from, and with help from our CA insurance brokers, we can help you find the right one.

With the increasing demands of technology, Cyber Liability Insurance is a growing need for some companies. Contact PJO Brokerage today to learn more.

Also known as Professional Liability Insurance, the California business insurance brokers can discuss your options for Errors & Omissions insurance to fit your needs.

Business Insurance Agency In California

PJO Insurance Brokerage has maintained its integrity by delivering the best California business insurance solutions to their clients. We have professionals in each field that can answer your questions about the differences in the types of business insurance. We care about protecting the businesses in California with excellent coverage while delivering competitive rates for savings.
The business insurance that a bakery business needs may include commercial general liability with products insurance and commercial umbrella insurance as well as property insurance to cover their equipment. A roofing company may need general liability and inland marine insurance to cover their equipment at the job site. A nursing home may need California insurance, liability insurance, professional liability, and property insurance amongst other types of available coverages.


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Top Rated California Business Insurance Agent

Business Insurance
for a California
Start-Up Business

Starting a business in California can be exciting. PJO Insurance Brokerage can help you find the best general liability to protect your start-up business.

Are Your Current
CA Business Insurance
Policies Protecting You?

Patrick, at PJO Insurance Brokerage, can help you review your business insurance policies to determine if your business is well protected.

General Liability
Insurance in California

Having a general liability business insurance is a great start to protecting your business in California. Call Patrick to schedule an appointment.


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