Arizona Business Insurance Plans

When looking for business insurance it can become confusing very fast. There are a wide range of policies that cover different aspects of the operation of a business, and you need to get the insurance that applies directly to your firm. In general, a business needs to have some form of liability insurance. This applies to a business regardless of whether it is a sole proprietorship or a corporation. One lawsuit can put a company out of business quickly.

Your search for the right insurance should start with Phoenix Arizona commercial general liability insurance. Every business that has customers that visit the premises of the company needs to have this type of insurance. Basically, it protects your company from losing money in the event of a lawsuit due to the actions of an employee or an accident from a bodily injury to a person or damage to property on your premises. The classic example of someone slipping on a banana peel comes to mind. Most lawsuits are legitimate, but there are others suits that can be frivolous.

Another form of insurance that certain companies may need is called bond insurance. A common need for Phoenix bonding insurance is when a company sends employees to a business after closing time to perform a service such as cleaning a building. Janitorial service employees will need to be bonded

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