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We specialize in insurance for contractors – large and small – working in the construction industry. We have access to numerous carriers who cater to the construction industry including but not limited to Lloyd’s of London, Cover X, Maxum Insurance, Western Heritage, Atlantic Casualty, to name a few. We also have markets for hard to place contractors, such as roofers and those that do tract work.

Covered general liability claims can include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. The insurance company may cover compensatory and general damages as well.

Design-Build/Professional Liability:

PJO Insurance Brokerage offers Phoenix contractors insurance, scottsdale business insurance, and cave creek roofers insurance.If you are controlling all phases of designing and building projects, do you truly understand – and are you covered for – the additional liabilities you are incurring?

Worksite Protection:

Do you have adequate coverage through Builders Risk Insurance or Installation Floaters to protect your work-in-progress, as well as materials on a job site, in the event they are damaged by forces out of your control?

Contractors demand a degree of insurance beyond other organizations. Their safety techniques can mean life or death for their workers’, which must remain insured against the possibility for a devastating accident.

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    PJO Brokerage Specializes In Insurance For All ContractorsYou can find various types of insurance policies for contractors, including Phoenix Arizona bonding insurance plan, which takes care of insurance coverage on a contractor performance bond, or warranty bond. Additionally there is workers comp, as with other corporations, but contractors frequently collaborate closely with their carriers to help keep premiums in order, considering that it makes up such a huge portion of payroll expenses. While different trades have different costs, it isn’t uncommon for tradesmen to be charged 15 cents on the dollar if not more. This is why, it is recommended for the business with the insurance coverage to maintain strict safety standards, stringent oversight and constant procedural maintenance.

    Many of the trades with the highest premiums might be roofing contractors, framers, masons, and electrical contractors policies.

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