Mesa Business Insurance Plans

Business Insurance

No matter what your business is or the size of your business, it is wise to carry business insurance with the right carrier and proper coverage. Independent agencies in Arizona have trained professionals who are experts at matching up every business with the proper carrier for their business insurance needs.

Professional Mesa insurance brokers will find the right insurance carrier who has knowledge about your business products and are trained to put together an insurance package that is right for your special needs. Insurance policies for any business should cover the company’s assets and provide risk management protection for the company.

Contractors Insurance

Protect Your Business With Proper Contractor InsuranceArizona insurance for contractors is essential. Proper insurance coverage will protect your business, your workers, and will help promote your business in a positive direction. Customers who are looking to have work done on their homes or business will feel safer knowing that the contractor has the respect to protect the workers and the client’s property against unforeseen accidents. Even when proper safety precautions are followed and proper protective gear is worn, an accident can happen at any moment.

Contractors insurance can protect the workers in case of an accident and the company’s assets from lawsuits. Without the proper contractors insurance, the family or business having the work done could also be liable for any financial obligations incurred by the worker due to injuries on the job.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

No matter what type of business you have, it is imperative that you acquire General Liability Insurance for your particular business. By acquiring this insurance, it will be your first line of defense in protecting your business. We, at PJO Insurance Brokerage, have access to an array of markets and the expertise to find the right coverage and limits for you whether you are a contractor, small business owner, or a home-based business. In addition, we offer you other policies to protect other aspects of your business that general liability insurance may not cover.

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Roofers Insurance

Mesa Arizona have been providing roofers insurance for over 10 years, and, rest assured, we will find the right coverage and price for your roofing operation. We can also provide your company with inland-marine coverage and umbrella policies for those large commercial jobs. No matter what your roofing operation specializes in, such as tile, shingle, foam, flat, torch-down, hot mop, repairs, reroofs and new custom homes, we have carriers who provide such coverages.

Roofing accidents happen frequently even when all the safety rules are followed. Large commercial roofing companies should have liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation and umbrella policies in order to be covered when accidents happen. A Mesa Arizona insurance brokerage agency can help you put together a comprehensive roofer’s insurance plan to suit your needs.