Craft Breweries & Brew Pubs Taking Off

October 1, 2013Orange County, California


When I was managing restaurants and clubs in the seventies and early eighties in the Midwest, for most establishments, the beer menu was ninety percent American beers and, maybe, ten percent imports. Micro brews and craft breweries were far and few around. In fact, it really wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that micro brews and craft breweries started to pop up and slowly began to develop. Fast forward to today, and it is a far different world in this ever-fast growing market. Recently, I went out to dinner and along with a wine list, I was also handed a very large beer menu with over forty choices! Now, more than ever, restaurants and bars are realizing just how much the crafted beers are adding to their bottom line, and how they are bringing in new customers looking for something unique and special in a new craft beer. These entrepreneurs in the craft beer industry are looking for new ways to innovate, creating new and exciting new brands and tastes for the consumer, as they look to expand and grow the craft brewery business to new heights. Each week in this country, another enterprising person is taking that calculated risk and opening a new craft brewery. With the incredible amount of people that enjoy these crafted brews, and that number growing each week, there is still room for more breweries to start and expand and bring new flavors of beer than the public thought would ever exist. In fact, consumption of crafted beers is expected to hit a new record this year and continue the trend for years to come.

In addition, with many new restaurants and bars slated to open in the next few years, and with many of them offering what appears to be an unlimited array of crafted beers, there seems to be unlimited opportunities. If you currently own a craft brewery or are thinking about starting one, we, at PJO Insurance Brokerage, have the markets that can protect your operation. We have the proper markets that will be necessary to ensure that your particular brewery is properly protected. We can secure insurance that will handle the following areas: Property Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Business Interruption Coverage, Extra Expense, Liquor Liability Coverage, Equipment Coverage, Ordinance of Law, Accounts Receivable, Environmental/Pollution Liability Insurance, Equipment Breakdown, Contamination Costs, and Umbrella Coverage, to name a few. Another area that would be a critical coverage to be considered is Product Recall Insurance. This type of coverage, in some instances, could be the difference between staying in business or closing your doors for good. We know what it takes to get a business off the ground–long hours, hard work, and a sincere love to make your dream business a success. PJO Insurance Brokerage understands the challenges that you will be faced with when opening or running a Craft Brewery. We will work hard to ensure that your business is protected. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this new and exciting chapter in your business career.

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