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One of the best things about Orange County, CA is the incredible entrepreneurial spirit that is displayed everyday when hundreds of new business entities start the long path to building a successful company. In reading the latest issue of the local business journal, I saw such diverse start-up businesses as a weight-loss device company, a medical research company, a software company bringing out several new games for your mobile device, and numerous small businesses. In fact, I think I counted over seventy-five new businesses starting that week. One of the things that all these new entrepreneurs have in common is that they spent many hours researching what area in which they would have the best chance of success, studied the market to gauge what the demand would be for their particular product or service, and, last, but most important, followed their passion for whatever path that makes them work seven days a week, often deep into the night, with little or no pay to see their dream come true on their journey to making themselves and their companies highly successful. Most new entrepreneurs have done extensive planning for their product or service and have their game plan completed which will include due diligence, product research, market research, and financial planning. The next step in your business plan should be an insurance plan that fits your needs and protects your hard-earned assets.


The first step is to acquire General Liability Insurance coverage. By acquiring this insurance, it will be your first line of defense in protecting your business. In Orange County, CA, commercial general liability insurance is necessary for all companies. It protects against several different risks that corporations may be subjected to in their daily business dealings. As each business is different, PJO Insurance Brokerage will outline what the coverages are with General Liability Insurance as it pertains to your particular business. Another type of insurance that would be a good fit for many new start-up companies is Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance coverage. E & O Insurance is business liability insurance for professionals such as insurance agents, real estate agents and brokers, architects, third party administrators and other business professionals. This type of insurance helps to protect a professional, an individual, or a company from bearing the full cost of defense for lawsuits relating to an error or omission while providing covered Professional Services. In general, E & O insurance is designed to help pay for defense costs and the damage awards associated with professional liability claims. For other businesses, a required coverage might be Professional Liability Insurance. If your business provides a professional service, a claim may arise due to your failure to render those services properly, resulting in suit against you or your business. This coverage would provide protection in the event you are held liable for damages due to your error of those provided services. An example of who may require this type of coverage would be a Construction Manager, Assisted Living Facilities, Event Planners, Technology or Media Companies, Web Developers, among many more.

We know that there is such a wide array of new business ventures being started everyday. Some businesses may have their own building or office, some may have equipment, and some may have employees. With so many variables to consider these days, one of smartest moves a new business owner can make is to call or sit down with PJO Insurance Brokerage to design an insurance program that will fit your business and its needs.

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