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Scottsdale, Arizona Landscaper's InsuranceAs a landscaping business in Scottsdale, Arizona it’s important that you obtain the proper landscapers business insurance, regardless of the size. No matter what kind of business you own, it’s important to keep it protected, and business insurance is the only way to do that. When discussing insurance coverage for landscapers, we understand the many risks that are associated with such a job. Just one accident or mistake, no matter how minor, could carry severe damages, and ones that can potentially cause your company to go out of business.

Protecting Your Landscaping Company with Landscaper’s Insurance

Now ask yourself a question: Could your company survive a claim or a lawsuit? Could your company afford to pay out thousands of dollars for a claim such as damage to property, or injured workers? We understand that landscaping contractors are involved in many aspects of lawn maintenance including working with dangerous tools such as chainsaws, lawnmowers, and sheers, performing such duties as trimming trees and hedges, installing pavers, lighting, and other outdoor features, and much more. It’s important to keep a close eye on every detail, and that should pertain to your Scottsdale business insurance coverage as well.

Since 2001, the experienced brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage have been working with Landscaping companies to assist them in creating the perfect insurance program for their specific needs as a business. Some of the coverage we offer landscaping companies include:

Scottsdale General Liability Insurance

The first step in protecting your Scottsdale landscaping company is to acquire General Liability Insurance Coverage. By having an Arizona General Liability Insurance Policy, it will protect your landscaping company from negligence related to your company’s business activities resulting in property damage or claims of bodily injury. Also, this type of insurance coverage will provide your company legal defense in the event that a lawsuit or claim is filed against it.

Scottsdale Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance provides coverage for your company’s employees’ medical expenses and at least some portion of the wages they have lost while injured and unable to work when they are injured on the job. Scottsdale Worker’s Compensation Insurance is a form of state-regulated, no-fault liability insurance that can cover a variety of things for your injured or ill employee including rehabilitation services, lost wages, medical expenses, or death resulting from a work related illness or injury. Should your employees become injured in the workplace, they are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, regardless of whose fault it is. When an injury or illness occurs while conducting an employer’s business or performing one’s job duties, employees are entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits. This type of coverage also protects an employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases.

Scottsdale, Arizona Property Inland/Marine Coverage

Many things can befall your Scottsdale landscaping company, such as theft, damage to your tools, or some other action that qualifies as a disaster. Is your business currently insured for these types of potential disasters? When you obtain Scottsdale property insurance, your company would have protection for such things as your company’s equipment, inventory, furniture, computers, fixtures, and betterments and improvements made to your place of business.

Certain policies may also include coverage for loss of income due to your business being suspended and unable to operate due to a covered loss and may even cover payroll and operating expenses necessary to keep your business going after a covered loss. Most property insurance policies are typically designed to protect the assets at your company’s address of operation. If you keep your equipment and materials at a single location and move them frequently, it’s a good idea to also purchase Inland Marine Coverage.

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    Additional Scottsdale Landscaper’s Coverage

    The aforementioned coverages are just some of the many different insurance coverages that the Scottsdale insurance agents at PJO Insurance Brokerage offers to landscaping companies in Scottsdale, Arizona. A small sample of additional insurance coverages available are Contractors Pollution Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, Excess Liability/Umbrella Insurance Coverage, and Errors and Omissions Insurance, to name just a few.

    Since 2001, the professional brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage have been finding the proper insurance coverage for plumbing contractors and have access to such insurance carriers as Atlantic Casualty, Contractors Bonding & Insurance Company, Colony Insurance Company, First Mercury, Mesa Underwriters, Navigators, Vela, and Hanover Insurance Group. We know how important it is to obtain the right coverage for your landscaping company, and we are prepared to help you find which policies work best for you.

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