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    One of the most competitive fields of business there is in this country is the Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub business, and those who want to continue to operate and stay successful need every advantage they can possibly get because of the unique field they are in. This also applies to their insurance needs since they can be different than most businesses out there. In reviewing insurance needs, many times businesses share common insurance requirements, but if your business is an owner of a Restaurant, a Bar, or a Nightclub, the risks your business will face will be much different and will require a more complete insurance program.


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      Advantages of PJO Insurance Brokerage

      PJO Insurance Brokerage understands that regardless of how careful your firm is, there is always the potential of a mistake in the professional services your business provides, and with the proper insurance coverage in place, your company will be prepared in the event that a lawsuit is filed against your firm. By acquiring a Restaurant Insurance policy, your business will have coverage in the event a claim is filed against you.

      General Liability Insurance For Restaurants

      This type of insurance coverage will protect your business from bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury claims made by someone else. Just having an Arizona General Liability Insurance Policy alone will not cover every exposure your operation could have.

      Liquor (Dram Shop) Liability Coverage

      This particular type of coverage is an absolute must for your business since standard commercial general liability policies exclude coverage for the sale of alcohol, and a liquor liability policy will protect you in the event of property damage or bodily injury or both caused by one of your customers who is intoxicated and was served liquor by your establishment. Having Liquor Liability Insurance can aid your business by covering your legal fees and any damages awarded.

      Restaurant Property Coverage Policies

      When starting a business of this type, it is very likely that the largest expense you will incur is the cost of the restaurant/bar equipment, coolers, inventory, and the many improvements you have made to the building to make your establishment the place to go. Securing proper coverage can protect your investment in case of fire, windstorm, vandalism or other unforeseen events.

      Why Choose PJO REstaurant Insurance Brokerage?


      Pats the best, hands down, if you need business insurance of any kind you gotta talk to him, crazy how different it is talking with someone who actually specializes in insuring businesses, instead of just a general insurance agent it really helps.

      Michael D. ★★★★★

      PJO was terrific, Patrick was great, know his stuff, helped get a policy for my business, and really explained the different types of insurances, so I understood what I might need besides just a basic general liability, which does very little for my particular company.

      Alex W. ★★★★★

      I came here not sure that I could get the best advice for my insurance plan, PJO were dedicated and advised me what were the available insurance options and plans that I could do with for my business. I truly feel PJO value their clients and I will continue using them.

      Faith D. ★★★★★

      Experienced In All Kinds Of Restaurant Liability Needs

      Insuring Breweries

      If your establishment has a brewery, there will be a need for specialized coverage for that part of the operation. Since cash will be a big part of your business, consider Crime coverage for money and securities as well.

      Running a restaurant, bar, or night club requires finding the right broker who understands your business and can put together the proper insurance plan for your business. PJO Insurance Brokerage, as an independent agency, can find the right program for your establishment.

      Please call today to sit down with an experienced and professional broker to discuss your many insurance options.

      Insuring Your Liquor Or Wine Collection

      Depending on the type of operation yours may be, you may need insurance coverage for an expensive and rare wine and/or liquor collection.


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