What is Arizona General Liability Insurance?

What is Arizona General Liability Insurance by PJO Insurance Brokerage
General Liability is an insurance policy that is designed to protect your business from potential claims filed against your company related to the following: advertising injury, such as slander and libel, property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury. We believe that every business, whether you are large or small, should have an Arizona General Liability Insurance policy.

Most General Liability policies can cover the cost of an attorney and their fees, court costs, and may cover potential settlements or a judgment against your company, including a claimant’s medical expenses up to your policy limits. A claim may also include injuries or damages that happen at your place of business as well as one that is off-site that may have been caused by you directly or by some neglect on your part or on the part of one of your employees.

As we all know, no two businesses are alike, and in addition to Arizona General Commercial Liability Insurance, you may want to also look at additional coverages such as:

Please be aware there is no set premium for General Liability Coverage. It will depend on a multitude of factors including what type of business you have, gross sales, number of employees, and risks that are associated with your particular company. Your General Liability policy usually will have limits of one million dollars per occurrence, which means the most the policy will pay out is one million dollars per claim, and the policy will, most likely, have a two million dollar aggregate limit, which means the most the policy will pay for all claims during the policy period is two million dollars.

If you feel, given the nature of your business, that you will need increased limits of coverage, you may want to look at purchasing an umbrella policy for your company. There are quite a few aspects to General Liability Insurance coverage, and the best way to explore the options and coverages available to your particular AZ business would be to sit down with an experienced and professional insurance agent.

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