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Obtaining The Proper Insurance Coverage For Your Mission Viejo Business

Protect Your Mission Viejo company with commercial insurance

Nestled in Southern Orange County, California sits the town of Mission Viejo which is considered one of the largest planned communities that was ever built in the United States. In fact, almost one hundred thousand residents call Mission Viejo home, and, considering that in 1970 only twelve thousand people lived there, there has been quite a lot of growth in this area. With one of the largest hospitals in southern Orange County, CA and the home office of Marie Callender’s, the area has seen its business profile grow over the past couple of decades. Now, with over twelve thousand businesses in Mission Viejo and with new ones being formed each day, PJO Insurance Brokerage can help you create the proper insurance program for your company’s needs regardless if your company is involved in the construction field as a General Contractor or as an artisan/sub-contractor, a distributor or product manufacturer, in retailing, a professional consultant, website designer, app designer, in the health care field, an entrepreneurial-startup, or one of the numerous businesses that operate in California.

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One of the areas that has really grown during the past decade or so is the professional services area, whether that would be as a Management Consultant, Media Consultant, Architect, Accountant, App Designer, Project Manager, Event Planner, Website Designer, or any one of the hundreds of different companies that, for a fee, provide advice, expertise, or professional services, and it is imperative that your company carry sufficient limits of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in case of an unforeseeable event that results in a claim or lawsuit filed against your company alleging an error or omission or a negligent act performed by your company that caused harm to the client. PJO Insurance Brokerage has access to a number of “A” rated carriers and can assist you in finding the proper coverage for your company’s needs.

If your business is that of a Product Distributor, Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s Rep in such product fields as dietary products, healthcare/medical products, energy products, snack products, industrial products, energy products, or one of the numerous products that are marketed and sold around the world each day, then you understand how important it is for your company to carry Product Liability Insurance Coverage in California, and depending on what product your company is involved with, to also add an additional layer of protection with an Umbrella or Excess Liability Policy. At PJO Insurance Brokerage, our brokers have access to numerous top-tier carriers and can assist you in creating an insurance program that is designed to fit your company’s specific products’ needs.

If your company is one that has a board of directors, we highly recommend that you protect your board of directors by acquiring a Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Policy for Mission Viejo, CA which will provide coverage in the event there is a claim against your board for any actual or alleged act, breach of duty, misleading statement given, or omission by your company’s board of directors and officers. This Professional Liability Insurance Coverage can be written for for-profit companies, nonprofit companies, and educational institutions.

In this day and age, regardless of what particular type of company you operate in Mission Viejo, California, your company will probably have a media presence such as a Twitter Feed, Instagram Account, LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page, or a Company Blog, among the many possibilities, with all of these activities as a risk to your company. If your company also has a website where debit or credit card info is taken, or if your data bases contain vital information on your clients, then one of your first priorities should be to have a California Cyber Liability Insurance Policy as part of your overall insurance program. Think about how many articles and newscasts you have witnessed over the past year reporting another company’s confidential information that was hacked.

Mission Viejo Professional Liability Insurance

PJO Insurance Brokerage Has Access To A Number Of “A” Rated Carriers And Can Assist You

Mission Viejo Product Liability Insurance

Depending On What Product Your Company Is Involved With You Can Add an Umbrella Liability Policy

Mission Viejo Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Coverage In The Event There Is A Claim Against Your Board For Any Actual Or Alleged Act

Mission Viejo Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

Protect Yourself Against Confidential Information Being Hacked

Mission Viejo Pollution Liability Insurance

Provides Coverage For A Range Of Pollution Risks That Come With Construction Projects

Mission Viejo Inland Marine Coverage

Cover Your Business If You Own A Commercial Building Or If Your Business Rents A Building

If your Mission Viejo, CA company is involved in the construction field, whether in the role of a General Contractor doing restorations, remodels, renovation projects, building custom homes, involved in tract work, or your business is that of sub contractor/artisan contractor in fields such as Electrical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Concrete Contractor, Framing Contractor, Painting & Drywall Contractor, Roofing Contractor, to name just a few of the trades that perform construction projects, you will surely want an insurance agency who has the experience of working with contractors and understands the insurance needs they face, PJO Insurance Brokerage is that agency.

Our brokers work closely with insurance carriers across the country that deal with General Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Pollution Liability, Umbrella Policies, and Inland Marine, among other various coverages that are available for the construction industry. As a contractor, you understand just how vital it is to have the proper insurance program in place in case of a claim or lawsuit. Business, these days, seems to move at the speed of light, and new opportunities present themselves every day, that’s why more and more people in the Mission Viejo area take that step to either start a new business or expand their current one, and, as such, they will require their own specific insurance program, and this is where PJO Insurance Brokerage can be a valuable asset to your company. Our brokers have the expertise and experience to assist you with your company’s insurance needs. We look forward to working with your company in the near future.

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