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We’ll Help Navigate The California Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy To Ensure That It Protects You Fully

Choose The Right Coverage For Your Building, Custom Home, or Remodeling Project

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home, a comprehensive Mission Viejo builder’s risk insurance policy is an excellent way to ensure both you and the homeowner are covered in the event of accident or damage. As an experienced, independent insurance agency, PJO Insurance Brokerage is ready to help you find the best policy.

What Does A Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy Help Cover?

Protect Building Materials, Tools & Equipment Owned By You Or The Interested Party From:

Simply put, Builder’s Risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that helps protect buildings, contractors, and homeowners in the event of damage. Also known as Construction Insurance, it covers the costs of repair for an unfinished structure or replacing building materials when inclement weather, fire, vandalism, or theft occurs.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Providing Defense Against Any Claim


Fires can cause severe damage on a construction site, scorching everything in its path. With Builder’s Risk Insurance, any damaged materials, equipment, or supplies can be replaced.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Complete Cost Coverage


When an unexpected explosion occurs on a construction site and causes damage to the project, materials, or equipment, a Mission Viejo contractor’s insurance policy can cover the cost of replacement.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Can Pay Out Settlements Against Your Company


While exact limitations and coverages vary between providers and policies, incidents such as theft are typically covered by any type of Builder’s Risk insurance. Employee theft is not included.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Affordable Multi-Policies


Many Builder’s Risk policies protect the contractor’s equipment, building supplies, and other project materials from damages caused by hail or other types of inclement weather.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Quality Customer Service


Along with damage from lightning strikes, a Builder’s Risk policy from PJO Insurance Brokerage can provide coverage for damages from wind, rain, hurricanes, and flooding.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Offering Fast Inquiry Response


Vandalism can set a project back several months from broken windows, destroyed fixtures, or spray painted walls. Your insurance policy may reimburse you for any vandalism damages and repairs.

What Is A Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy?

Learn Why Your Property Will Benefit From Coverage

Protect Your Residential Or Commercial Project From Damages While Under Construction

No matter what causes damage on your construction site, it can push the finish date much further past the intended date. As the contractor, you cannot afford to spend unplanned time or money repairing damages to your project, equipment, or precious materials. Visit our Mission Viejo insurance agents at PJO Insurance Brokerage to learn more about the insurance policies we offer to ensure your best interest is protected through the duration of your construction project.

Why Choose PJO’s Builders Risk Insurance Brokerage?

Over 60 Combined Years Of Experience In The Insurance Industry

Pats the best, hands down, if you need business insurance of any kind you gotta talk to him, crazy how different it is talking with someone who actually specializes in insuring businesses, instead of just a general insurance agent it really helps.

Michael D. ★★★★★

PJO was terrific, Patrick was great, know his stuff, helped get a policy for my business, and really explained the different types of insurances, so I understood what I might need besides just a basic general liability, which does very little for my particular company.

Alex W. ★★★★★

I came here not sure that I could get the best advice for my insurance plan, PJO were dedicated and advised me what were the available insurance options and plans that I could do with for my business. I truly feel PJO value their clients and I will continue using them.

Faith D. ★★★★★

Common Exclusions From Builder’s Risk Insurance:

Intentional Damage

Though Builder’s Risk insurance policies are designed to cover vandalism, it is only applicable to damage done by any third party. If you or other insured parties, such as employees, cause damage to your own equipment or materials, your insurance policy will not cover it.

Employee Theft

In the event that materials or equipment are stolen from your construction site by a third party, your Builder’s Risk insurance policy will compensate you for the losses. However, if one of your employees is guilty of the theft, you will not be reimbursed by insurance.


While many natural disasters and resulting damages are covered by a variety of Builder’s Risk insurance policies, not every single disaster is covered. Earthquakes and flooding could be an exception. Consult directly with your Mission Viejo construction insurance agency to learn more about finding comprehensive coverage for your building project.

Third-party Liability

Contrary to popular belief, Builder’s Risk insurance and general liability insurance are not the same thing. Each covers different aspects of a contractor’s responsibilities and investment into a construction project, and it is necessary to have both policies to ensure all potential exposures are fully covered.

Advantages Of Choosing PJO’s Mission Viejo Builder’s Risk Policy Brokers

We’ll Help You Navigate The Many Aspects Of The Cost Of Construction Policy

At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we understand that each business is unique and carries its own set of insurance needs and requirements. Our agents are highly experienced in the world of Builder’s Risk and construction insurance policies, and committed to superior service as they design an individual policy for your business.

Buildings And Structures Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Determine The Right Policy That Best Suits Your Building Needs

As top-rated Mission Viejo builder’s insurance agents, PJO Insurance Brokerage can help you protect your insurable interest in the structure you are building, your equipment, and any materials used.

Machinery Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Our Customer’s Insurance Needs Come First

There is nothing worse than finding out too late that you were unprepared for damages occurring on your project. Let us help you secure the right coverage before you start.

Underground Piping Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
We’ll Research Your Business In Detail To Determine The Right Coverage Plan

It is critical to find coverage that ensures all your assets and investments are protected. PJO Insurance Brokerage performs detailed research to ensure we find the right policy for you.

Electrical Work And Wiring Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Quality Customer Service

As an experienced Mission Viejo construction insurance brokerage, PJO is dedicated to superior service and close communication through every interaction with our clients as we help you find a policy.

Temporary Structures Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Fast Inquiry Response

When you have a question, need support, or would like to shift your coverage, our agents at PJO Insurance Brokerage are readily available to listen and help.

PJO Insurance Brokerage

Founded in 2003, PJO Insurance Brokerage was founded with the intention of catering to our customers’ insurance needs and providing them with unmatched customer service. We aim to give them the appropriate coverage for all of their business insurance needs.

Patrick o’neill

Nevada business insurance broker, Patrick O’Neill offers top-rated business insurance to help his clients meet the insurance needs and requirements of their business. With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. O’Neill offers a level of expertise that is unmatched by any other.

Founder Of PJO Brokerage Insurance Patrick O’Neill

Frequently Asked Questions On Builder’s Risk Insurance

It is no secret that Builder’s Risk insurance policies are complex, detailed, and vary greatly. Having a thorough understanding of what is included and excluded in your specific policy is key to ensuring your success as a contractor. Our agents are always available to find a solution to your concerns!

Because the property owner or homeowner is the most invested in the project, they are responsible for purchasing a Builder’s Risk insurance policy to ensure comprehensive protection. Depending on the contract, it is a good idea for the general contractor to purchase a policy as well.

No, Builder’s Risk insurance and Homeowners Insurance are not the same. Builder’s Risk is intended to protect equipment, materials, and the building for the duration of the construction process, while Homeowner’s Insurance is designed for finished homes. Visit with PJO Insurance Brokerage to learn more!

While it is not 100% necessary, experts highly recommend investing in a Builder’s Risk insurance policy for all home additions or extensive renovations on an existing structure. This ensures the project is protected from damages throughout the construction process, and your finances are protected should damage occur.

Currently, the top five providers of Builder’s Risk insurance policies are Liberty Mutual, Distinguished Programs, Zurich, Tapco, and USU. It is best to consult directly with your insurance agent at PJO Brokerage so we can help you find the most affordable, functional coverage for your construction needs.

While actual costs vary between providers, policies, inclusions, and exclusions, the rate of Builder’s Risk insurance is typically between 1-4% of the total construction cost. The total completed value of the building is determined by calculating materials and labor costs, and the Builder’s Risk policy is 1-4% of that amount.











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Looking For A Builder’s Risk Insurance Agent Near Mission Viejo?

At PJO Insurance Brokerage, our agents have made a commitment to provide service at a level higher than any other insurance agency. We are connected with a wide variety of resources in the insurance industry to ensure our clients have access to the most affordable, effective, and comprehensive available on the market, and our insurance agents personally provide unmatched service and personal attention to the needs of every client.

With the flexibility and resources to keep our knowledge current with the ever-fluctuating insurance market, PJO Insurance Brokerage is able to remain true to our dedication of providing clients with the best policies for their business needs. As professional brokers, we take time to research your company in detail and learn about your goals, so that we can explain the options available to you and ensure you understand all your coverage opportunities.

Please call PJO Insurance Brokerage today to schedule an appointment so we can review your specific insurance needs and design a policy that will ensure all your bases are covered. Your experience at our Mission Viejo location will be welcoming and informative, with zero pressure to make a decision. We are here to provide thorough education and answer any questions you may have!

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PJO Insurance Brokerage has a variety of markets to choose from when guiding you through the insurance process. To receive a policy quote, call our professional, friendly Mission Viejo insurance agents before working on your next new home build, commercial building, or renovation. To learn more about our services and commitment to excellence, visit our blog!


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