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Best Coverage With Mission Viejo’s Builder’s Risk Insurance

Premium Builders’ Risk Coverage Within Mission Viejo’s Reach

Whether you are planning a custom home build or a major remodel, there is an enormous amount of planning that goes into these projects, from the materials and permits to the contractor and his qualifications. Finding the right Mission Viejo builder’s risk insurance policy to cover all your needs can be overwhelming and confusing, but is a critical piece to protecting your investment. Visit PJO Insurance Brokerage to learn more.

Advantages Of PJO’s Builders Risk Policy For Projects And Contractors

Builder’s Risk Insurance is a unique type of property insurance designed to protect any structure from a variety of damages while it is under construction. As a general contractor, obtaining a Mission Viejo Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy is a wise choice as it protects your workmanship, your time, and financial investment into the project.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Providing Defense Against Any Claim
Defense Against Any Claim

Defend yourself and your business against any claim that could damage your good name.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Complete Cost Coverage
Complete Cost Coverage

In the event of total loss, your insurance policy will cover the entire project cost.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Can Pay Out Settlements Against Your Company
Pay Out Any Settlement Against Your Company

Builder’s Risk insurance will cover the amount of any settlement occurring against your construction company.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Affordable Multi-Policies
Affordable Multi-Policies

PJO Insurance Brokerage offers a variety of Builder’s Risk policies for the perfect fit.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage With Quality Customer Service
Quality Customer Service

Our insurance brokerage is well-known for exceptional customer service and expert guidance.

PJO Builder's Risk Insurance Brokerage Offering Fast Inquiry Response
Fast Inquiry Response

When you contact us for assistance, you can expect quick turnaround and fast response times.

What Is A Builder’s Risk Insurance Coverage

And Why Does My Construction Project Needs It

Protect Your Mission Viejo Construction Or Remodel Project Today

By obtaining a Builder’s Risk insurance policy, your insurable interest in the structure will be protected in the event of a physical loss or damage sustained from one of the causes covered. It is important to know that most times, homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover loss or accidents during a new build or remodel. Speak with our Mission Viejo insurance agents to learn more!

Why Choose PJO’s Builders Risk Insurance Brokerage?

5-Star Rated Reviews From Our Customers

Pats the best, hands down, if you need business insurance of any kind you gotta talk to him, crazy how different it is talking with someone who actually specializes in insuring businesses, instead of just a general insurance agent it really helps.

Michael D. ★★★★★

PJO was terrific, Patrick was great, know his stuff, helped get a policy for my business, and really explained the different types of insurances, so I understood what I might need besides just a basic general liability, which does very little for my particular company.

Alex W. ★★★★★

I came here not sure that I could get the best advice for my insurance plan, PJO were dedicated and advised me what were the available insurance options and plans that I could do with for my business. I truly feel PJO value their clients and I will continue using them.

Faith D. ★★★★★

Purchasing A Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy In Mission Viejo

Who Needs A Builders Risk Insurance Policy Coverage Before Starting A Project

General Contractors

As a general contractor, your reputation, company name, and finances are protected under our Mission Viejo Cost of Construction insurance policies.

Project Owner, Property Owner, Developer

Having the proper insurance policy protects the property owner, project owner, and developer from risk of losing their investment and paying out-of-pocket.

Workers And Subcontractors

Protect yourself, your employees, and your subcontractors from out-of-pocket medical expenses in the event of an accident or physical damage.

Banks And Other Financially Interested On The Project

An insurance policy increases the likelihood that banks will grant a construction loan, as they need to ensure their financial investment is protected.

Get The Best Home Builder Insurance For Your Mission Viejo Project

Leading Coverage Insurance Protecting Your Construction Project

There is nothing worse than finding out too late that you had no coverage for theft, fire, vandalism, or some other damaging development that could cost you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Before your project begins, visit with PJO Insurance Brokerage to obtain the most comprehensive Mission Viejo Builder’s Risk insurance policy that will work for your needs.

Buildings And Structures Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Buildings And Structures

Builder’s Risk Insurance covers the cost of repairing an unfinished structure after damage.

Machinery Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo

The right builder’s risk insurance will help protect any equipment and machinery used for the job.

Underground Piping Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Underground Piping

Our policies will cover the cost of damage caused to underground pipes, drains, or tanks.

Electrical Work And Wiring Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Electrical Work And Wiring

Contact PJO Brokerage to learn what our policies can cover regarding damages to existing electrical.

Temporary Structures Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Temporary Structures

If temporary structures are damaged during the construction process, Builder’s Risk insurance can help.

Building Materials Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Building Materials

Builder’s insurance covers the cost of replacing building materials damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism.

Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo Against Fires

If a major fire ruins your construction progress, your policy will cover the cost of repair.

Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo Against Explosions

Should an explosion occur, it is important to have your investment covered by insurance.

Sprinkler Leakage Protected By Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo
Sprinkler Leakage

Invest in Construction Insurance to ensure coverage for sprinklers damaged by impact or other accidents.

Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo Protecting You Against Vandalism

It is critical to invest in a Builder’s Risk policy to ensure financial protection against vandalism.

Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo Protecting You Against Theft

If building materials or tools are stolen, PJO Insurance Brokerage can provide coverage to protect you!

Builder's Risk Insurance In Mission Viejo Protecting Your Project Against Riot Or Civil Commotion
Riot Or Civil Commotion

In the event your construction project is destroyed by riot, Builder’s Insurance covers replacement costs.






San Bernadino

Looking For A Builders Risk Coverage Near Mission Viejo?

At PJO Insurance Brokerage, we know that a tremendous amount of time, research, and financial investment go into every project. Whether you are planning a large remodel, an addition to your home, or a new build, you will need to consider permits, house plans and materials, and find a reputable contractor with excellent qualifications and reviews. Most importantly, be sure either you or your contractor have acquired a construction insurance policy before the project begins.

Builder’s Risk Insurance is a specialized type of insurance that goes beyond the homeowner’s average policy to protect an unfinished structure in the event of a variety of damages. It will also protect the laborers in case of an accident, and ensure the contractors, developers, and banks are financially protected from massive out-of-pocket expenses.

When you are ready to choose a Builder’s Risk or construction insurance policy for your remodel or new build, it is important to note that there will be a maximum payout coverage limit in the policy. You must take into account all overhead, labor, and material costs to determine the estimated complete value of the project. The policy can typically be written on a three month, six month, or twelve month cycle, but can only be extended once, so choose carefully. Our Mission Viejo insurance brokers at PJO Insurance Brokerage can help you determine which policy is best for you based on your needs and goals.

PJO Insurance Brokerage

Founded in 2003, PJO Insurance Brokerage was founded with the intention of catering to our customers’ insurance needs and providing them with unmatched customer service. We aim to give them the appropriate coverage for all of their business insurance needs.

Patrick o’neill

Nevada business insurance broker, Patrick O’Neill offers top-rated business insurance to help his clients meet the insurance needs and requirements of their business. With over 50 years of combined experience, Mr. O’Neill offers a level of expertise that is unmatched by any other.

Founder Of PJO Brokerage Insurance Patrick O’Neill

Builders Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

With over 60 combined years of experience in the insurance industry, PJO Brokerage is highly knowledgeable about Builder’s Risk and Construction Insurance policies. We are ready to answer your questions and ensure your business and financial standing are protected from all types of accidental damage, theft, vandalism, and more. Call today to learn more!

With a Builder’s Risk Insurance Policy, all structures under renovation, repair, or construction will be protected from weather elements, fire, vandalism, or theft. It covers the cost of repairs, material replacement, and equipment loss, but does not cover accidents on the job, land, or scaffolding. There is a wide range of builder’s risk policies available, so speak with an agent to learn more.

While Builder’s Risk Insurance is quite comprehensive and encompasses a wide variety of damages, it is important to know that damage to tools and equipment is not covered. There are typically exclusions for faulty design, poorly-made materials, and sloppy workmanship. Be sure to speak directly with your agent so that you know exactly what is included in the policy you have acquired.

Builder’s Risk insurance is an essential piece of coverage for all remodel and new building projects that are in progress. While the homeowner planning a remodel may have homeowner’s insurance, it is the responsibility of either the contractor or the developer to make sure they have obtained builder’s risk insurance before the project begins. Communicate with your contractor to ensure they are appropriately covered.

Construction insurance plays a fundamental role in protecting all new home builds or commercial construction projects. There are eight different types of insurance that are a must-have for construction companies, including general liability, professional liability, pollution liability, business vehicle and commercial auto insurance, inland marine insurance, contractor license bonds, worker’s comp, and cyber insurance. Each of these ensures the contractor is protected from uncontrollable circumstances.

The general rule of thumb when it comes to calculating builder’s risk insurance is that the cost is 1-3% of the total construction budget. However, this is a variable number depending on a variety of factors such as the loss history of the business, the insurance company, and what is covered. PJO Brokerage is committed to finding the best policy for your needs!

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PJO Insurance Brokerage has a variety of markets to choose from when guiding you through the insurance process. To receive a policy quote, call our professional, friendly Mission Viejo insurance agents before working on your next new home build, commercial building, or renovation. To learn more about our services and commitment to excellence, visit our blog!


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